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Settling for world championships while waiting for the Olympics #2016

Ride or die Bailie Key


Seriously the most detailed qualification day one recap ANYWHERE. Thank you to warrior-skyscraper and whiptotriple and I’m pretty sure some of the screen grabs I found were from wats-good-gabby!! I legit credited you in the post.

If you find any spelling or grammar errors, please let me know! It took me like 900 hours to write this and that’s the last thing I was thinking about.

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this is such a great week there’s gymnastics to watch everyday


…did i just witness a three-way crossover


yes i did

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This competition kinda became a mess

- Tori’s out
- NZL’s Courtney McGregor who probs could’ve medaled on vault seems to be out
- Downie’s only doing UB/BB
- Canada put Chant in for AA over Merkle
- Trinidad and Tobago went from maybe having 3 gymnasts to zero
- India McPeak is in that moderately injured but cleared to compete position

what. the. eff.

Maybe Australia can win again afterall…

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  • 1. dream floor music?
  • 2. fav combo on beam?
  • 3. beam queen. go!
  • 4. russian or chinese bars?
  • 5. gymnast you feel is constantly overlooked?
  • 6. ___________ were the best olympics ever
  • 7. ___________ was soo underscored
  • 8. front or back tumbling?
  • 9. should the one armed giant be upgraded?
  • 10. i wish __________ would come back already
  • 11. valentina rodionenko should be replaced by queen khorkina. agree or disagree?
  • 12. pavs for rio?
  • 13. 3 passes on floor or 4?
  • 14. __________ currently has the best choreo
  • 15. the ultimate question- mustafina or komova?
  • 16. petition to bring back aliya's markelov/khorkina? yes??
  • 17. simone biles to dominate at worlds?
  • 18. sheep jumps or double stags?
  • 19. hardest question ever- when will kyla upgrade?
  • 20. __________ will surprise us all at worlds
  • 21. illusion or semenova turns?
  • 22. nastia's or aliya's onodi?
  • 23. podium predictions for yog. go.
  • 24. piked or straddled tkatchevs?
  • 25. best patterson dismount you've seen so far?
  • 26. yes or no- aly will come back strong.
  • 27. who is a threat to simone right now (junior or senior)?
  • 28. asac's double arabian or ponor's double layout?
  • 29. will we see any skills named after gymnasts this worlds/yog?
  • 30. nationals and classics predictions.
  • 31. rule about layouts on beam being downgraded if they're too piked. yay or nay?
  • 32. kochetkovas or rufolvas?
  • 33. another hard question- pavs' floor choreo or afan's?
  • 34. commonwealth games predictions.
  • 35. who do you expect to dominate at yog?

Not everyone can do beam like the Romanians..




if you ask me to make a floor routine, i’ll also provide music.





stop whatever you’re doing and watch this because this girl is not even a junior and is training a 1.5 twisting to immediate double front. You only see shit like that in MAG. CAN SHE PLEASE WIN FLOOR IN YOG?

Totally cool, but it will be very hard to covert that to sprung floor imo.

Yeah and there’s not really a point in competing it since the front layout + double front she already has gives her the same bonus. But still, it’s amazing

she’ll have tough competition on floor with andrade, but i really do want her to medal in ef. her double front is like ivana hong-clean, and her last pass is a DLO.

3, 7, 14
theothergymblog theothergymblog Said:

3: Gold on the Ceiling - The Black Keys

7: Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks

14: Get Lucky - Daft Punk

Thanks for asking!






oh fuck this

What the hell. Day ruined.

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I love how easy they make handstand choreo look

  • 1: A song that makes you feel happy
  • 2: A song that makes you feel sad
  • 3: A song that makes you feel badass
  • 4: A song that makes you feel angry
  • 5: A song that makes you feel in love
  • 6: A song that makes you feel heart broken
  • 7: A song that makes you jump in excitement
  • 8: A song that makes you think about life
  • 9: A song that makes you cry
  • 10: A song you find boring
  • 11: A song you listened to too many times and got sick of it
  • 12: A song you love
  • 13: A song you hate
  • 14: A song that makes you dance
  • 15: A song that makes you sing
  • 16: A song that gets stuck in your head
  • 17: Your favorite song
  • 18: The last song you listened to
  • 19: The song you’re listening to now
  • 20: The first five songs on your ipod
  • 21: The first five songs on your ipod on shuffle
  • 22: A song from your childhood
  • 23: The song you want to die listening to
  • 24: The song you last sang
  • 25: A song that brings up good memories
  • 26: A song that brings up bad memories
  • 27: A song that you can fall asleep to
  • 28: A song that makes you scream when you hear it
  • 29: A song that makes you feel pumped up
  • 30: A song you wish everyone would listen to
  • 31: A song you haven’t heard in a long time
  • 32: A song you can always back to and listen to and fall in love with it all over again
  • 33: A song with a story behind it
  • 34: A song that’s starting to grow on you
  • 35: A song you’re starting to get sick of
  • 36: The song you’ve listened to the most