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Settling for world championships while waiting for the Olympics #2016

Ride or die Bailie Key

Nastia Liukin | 2008 Olympic All-Around Champion

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  • 1 A beam combo you'd love to see?
  • 2 Ponytails or buns? Ribbons or scrunchies?
  • 3 Top five current gymnasts on each apparatus?
  • 4 Favorite Texas Dreams gymnast?
  • 5 Layout stepouts or layouts to two feet?
  • 6 Which 12 countries do you think will qualify teams to Rio?
  • 7 What bothers you more - crossed legs or cowboying?
  • 8 Plain and consistent, or beautiful and headcasey?
  • 9 Do you think Cata will come back again?
  • 10 Favorite set of gym siblings? (think the Baumanns, the Caquatti, etc.)
  • 11 Sloan, Mustafina, Wieber or Douglas?
  • 12 Bross, Jiang or Komova?
  • 13 Best gymnast of all time?
  • 14 Which team do you think will place 5th at worlds?
  • 15 Side somis or wolf turns?
  • 16 Favorite bars release?
  • 17 Routine(s) you could never get tired of watching?
  • 18 Acro or rhythmic?
  • 19 Recommend five tumblr gym blogs to follow.
  • 20 Something you disagree with the majority of the gymternet on?
  • 21 Skill(s) you wish we saw more of?
  • 22 Favorite shaposh variaton?
  • 23 One piece of gymnastics history you would rewrite?
  • 24 Khorkina or Pavlova?
  • 25 Best beamworker of all time?
  • 26 Result(s) this year that you disagree with?
  • 27 Do you mind seeing tank leos in competition?
  • 28 Favorite Soviet gymnast?
  • 29 Should someone be able to medal with a fall?
  • 30 Which country has the best leos?
  • 31 2015 seniors you're looking forward to?
  • 32 Do you think Simone will go pro or compete for UCLA?
  • 33 Who will get the bars/beam spot on the U.S. team this year?
  • 34 WOGA or Chow's?
  • 35 Who was your favorite gymnast when you began following the sport?
  • 36 Should the Produnova vault be banned?
  • 37 Favorite Ukrainian gymnast?
  • 38 Double arabians or double fronts?
  • 39 Best and worst commentators?
  • 40 Why is your favorite gymnast your favorite?
  • 41 Overall thoughts on Commonwealths and Classics?
  • 42 Favorite bars dismount?
  • 43 Favorite beam dismount?
  • 44 Do you think the Brazilian girls will pick up some medals in Rio?
  • 45 Least favorite skill on each apparatus?
  • 46 Favorite NCAA team?
  • 47 Ivana Hong or Alicia Sacramone?
  • 48 British, Chinese or Russian bars?
  • 49 2015 AA Champ?
  • 50 Favorite senior gymnast currently competing?


2014/15 Oklahoma Gymnastics Team

Brenna you son of a bitch

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Cake cake cake cake cake cake cake

Ellie Black’s turn combo on beam

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no but i’m really excited for bailie’s senior debut

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When the cashier hold’s up your $20 to see if it’s real


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Love this acro series

Love this acro series



think it’s pretty safe to say simone is this quad’s gymnast

aliya was last one’s 

nastia before that




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Best of Angelina Melnikova on beam at Euros

Daria Skrypnik at Euros 2014

Larisa Iordache breaking the Romanian uneven bars stereotype

"He’s landed on a patch of glue"

"He’s landed on a patch of glue"


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